What is a Vision initiative? A Vision initiative is a direction that we want to head as a church while we continue to know the Bible, share life, and bring hope. We will always be about those three things, but sometimes the church as a whole will need to focus on other specific areas as well. So while the initiative may change our core three will remain the same. Another way to say it is this, a vision initiative is a step that must be accomplished on our way toward the ultimate vision. 

What is the vision initiative for Gospel Community Church for 2019-2020? We will seek to be a multicultural and multigenerational church that puts the Gospel on display. A homogeneous church in a diverse area will struggle to put the Gospel on display. Why you ask? Because the appearance of the congregation is what unifies it, not the redemptive power of Jesus but likes, preferences, and familiarity. On the other hand when a congregation is diverse, racially and generationally,  it shows that the church is in fact united under the redemptive power of Jesus. When the congregation is diverse it is proof positive that a congregation is not united under music style, skin color, age, economic status or any other thing. It shows they are willing to put the needs and desires of others first because they have all they could ever need or desire in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. In the land of the suburbs where everything is designed for comfort,  a people willing to step into uncomfortable situations and conversations for the sake of the Gospel shows a dying world how valuable the Gospel really is.   

Where is Gospel Community Church headed? At Gospel community Church we want to know the Bible, share life with others, and bring hope to Fayetteville, the surrounding counties and the world while we seek to be a multicultural and multigenerational church that puts the Gospel on display. We will never take our eyes off our main mission! We will always be on the mission of knowing the Bible because it tells us about Jesus, Sharing life because Jesus has given us the command to love, and bringing hope because Jesus has given us the Great Commission. While we are doing those things we will also put plans in place to become a multicultural and a multi-generational church.