COVID-19 Plan of Action

What’s next for Gospel Community Church? 





COVID-19 Strategic Planning  



Hello Gospel Community Church family, My name is Kirk McDonald and I have the great privilege of serving with a team of pastors. As you know, we have been in several strategic planning meetings over the last several days scrambling to chart a course forward in this turbulent time. Here is what I want to do: I want to tell you what the church plans to do, and then I’ll close with what we are asking you to do and my prayer for you. 

As far as Sunday services go, we are not going to meet publicly for the foreseeable future, but  we will still be together in Spirit. Our Sunday morning service will be live streamed on Facebook and on YouTube. We will be pausing our study of Corinthians and launching a new series called Philippians: “The Fellowship of Believers In Turbulent Times.” We will sing, we will preach God’s Word, and we will observe communion. We want our service to be interactive, so please comment and ask questions! Gather with your family, get your streaming device, and join us for worship. 

As far as community groups go, we are still going to meet via a video app called Zoom. So same day, same time, just via the Zoom app. You will need to go to , download the app, and watch the tutorial videos. It’s very easy to use and will help keep us connected during this time of social distancing. In addition, we will be putting out some resources to use with your kids while they are at home with you as well as providing other opportunities to gather online and via the Zoom app. So, be on the lookout for that. 

I know this is a difficult time and things are constantly changing, but let me make this promise to every member of Gospel Community Church. Your church is here for you. Your pastors are here for you. You are not alone. You will not go without the things that you need. God is sovereign, and He has not given us the spirit of fear.  

What are we asking of you? Well, 3 things, First, LEAN IN. Show up on Sunday morning at 10:15 on Facebook or YouTube! Comment, ask questions, and invite people to view the content we are putting out. Don’t use this as an opportunity to check out, rather lean in and participate in what your church is doing and how we are spreading the Gospel during this time. Second, REACH OUT. We want you to proactively reach out to each other! In addition, if you have a need you must let your community group leader know immediately! This is our opportunity to be the church. Third, REACH UP. Let this be a time of intense bible study and prayer. Let us turn our eyes toward heaven and call out to God during this time. Seek after Him everyday.  

My prayer through all of this is that God will give us a passion to gather together. A passion to worship together with His people! A passion to hear the preaching of God’s Word, as one people. I am praying that the Sunday we get to reopen our doors will be a celebration like none other! But until then, let’s lean in and reach out. To God be the glory.