My name is Kirk McDonald, lead pastor of Gospel Community Church. I grew up in a lower middle class family that loved Jesus. I was born and raised in Stockbridge, Georgia and lived in the same house for nineteen years. At the age of thirteen, Jesus both saved me and called me into ministry in one distinct moment. As a teenager, I was involved in an active student ministry and became the youth pastor’s assistant at sixteen. I met my beautiful wife in that ministry. She was the pastor’s daughter and we dated through high school. In 2007, I married my beautiful wife and became a student pastor, where I served faithfully for five years. It was an incredible blessing to see God work in the lives of students and to be a part of their growing relationship with Jesus.

In January of 2011, my wife, Chelsea, and I felt like God was calling us to a new ministry. We called that calling the “holy disturbance.” In February, we attended the Acts29 Boot Camp in Orlando, and after much prayer, fasting, and seeking wise counsel, we believed God was calling us to plant a church. Once we returned home, we comprised a document consisting of the evidence that God had provided us that we should plant a church. In addition, we wrote our statement of faith, core values, and philosophy of ministry. We then submitted these documents to our church family and other trusted brothers and sisters in Christ to help confirm our calling and to seek their blessing. By the close of this process, in March of 2011, we knew God had called us to plant a Gospel-centered, church-planting church that is passionate about making disciples on mission for Jesus.”