The first directive from the creator was not a “thou shalt not” but rather a “do this”.     As the designer and creator, He gives His directive to His creation to “Be fruitful.” His plan from the beginning, for his children was to be fruitful, placing the seed with in us to produce. In this beautiful picture of creation, of course we see His intent for us to multiply and fill the earth but linked with the rest of the gospel we can see so much more. Even before sin entered the world, we had work to do. That’s right WORK. It’s not a dirty word or simply a result of the original sin. Their job was to tend the garden and produce fruit, to take dominion over the earth and animals, AND to rest on the Sabbath. Work 6, rest 1. That is 1 in seven. That is the ratio given, 1 in seven. This begs the question, what are you producing the other 6 days a week? The world view is so skewed, seeking to get out of as much work as possible, whining for the government and charities to pay our way and to complain about the work we are required to do. It’s breeding a cancer of entitlement to our children.  As Christians, we should do everything as unto the Lord.  God graciously gives us not only strength to do our jobs, but seeds to do them with. How are you spending your 6? Is it productive?  I am reminded of a time my daughter complained one summer that she could not find a job. My response to her plight was simple, “in that case, I can take you over to the hospital where you can volunteer for the summer” miraculously she got a job the next day. Work is not a bad word, it is a tool. It’s a tool to remind us our God is sovereign, that we serve at His pleasure, that we are His people and the sheep of His pasture. It is ultimately a tool for His glory!  How are you leveraging your 6?  Seeds are for sowing not hoarding or eating. One of God’s absolutes is the law of sowing and reaping.  Apple seeds produce apples. Sowing seeds of anger, discontent, and bitterness can only produce anger, discontent and bitterness. Sowing seeds of hard work, compassion, steadfastness, gentleness and love is a testament to the world that we are His sheep belonging to His pasture, that through the Holy Spirit we have overcome the world. So whatever your job is right now, work with a glad heart as servants of the most High God!

-Pat Reed (A beloved of Jesus. A wife, a mother & grandmother. A worshiper. A cancer survivor. Passionate about seeing the lost come to Christ.)

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