Bride or Mistress

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Don’t be casual. Hebrews 10:2 Hebrews will tell us to “not neglect” or “not forsake” the gathering together of the saints, yet the attitude concerning church attendance is disconcerting in a large majority of churches today. In polls they consider someone who attends once or twice a month, a regular attendee. The language that is […]

Captive Faith

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​Captive. The world associates a negative connotation with the word captive. In the eyes of the world, captive is a feeling of imprisonment, chains, and censorship. To the world, faith is a hope in the here and now and immediate gratification. But to the believer, captive is a term that should be used to embody […]

This Means War

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For the body of Christ, our mission to make disciples, begins at home. Never lose site of the mission! Let your own personal discipline include a constant reminder that there is a great battle going on. That battle is for our children. You are IN Christ and there is nothing that will change that glorious […]

Why Love?

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Do you ever find it difficult to love others? Ever find it hard to love other brothers and sisters in Christ? As a church, we are a family, and families are supposed to love one another. So when two members don’t love one another that can make “family gatherings” a little awkward and can create […]


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When I come upon something that is repeated in books, talks, and especially the Bible, my desire is to take a longer look at why it is mentioned multiple times. Often times it is important. In one week, three ladies heard this phrase from me, “change your mindset.” I find myself saying that phrase all […]

Grace and Love

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  Sometimes I forget that people don’t believe in God. And sometimes I find it hard to understand how they could not. I became a believer at a very early age. There were times when I doubted this truth but every time I had a doubt, something would happen to solidify the truth of Christ. […]

Who am I?

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From the beginning of time, humans have been asking the question who am I and why am I here? I think that question pops up at some point or another for everyone. Am I single? Am I a good friend? Am I a good wife? Am I a good mom? Am I a student? Am […]

Identity Thief

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​I am my own identity thief. On my own accord, I deliberately rip my identity away from Christ and place it on every mediocre circumstance or situation I encounter. But why, why do I choose to throw away truth and take on a mistaken, false identity? Truthfully, it’s because in those moments I believe those […]


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I am so excited to introduce this blog.  We have been praying about an ongoing way to encourage you all. The goal of this web page is just that. Encouragement. The dictionary uses words like, inspire, stimulate, advance, and foster to describe what encouragement is. That helps us see what it is. Now the question […]